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Tux Linux is an alternative Operating System (OS). Matched only by the finest OS's in the world, Tux Linux is based on Ubuntu with KDE4 as its desktop environment. With Tux Linux you have the tools to get the job done. No matter what your needs are in an operating system, Tux Linux has you covered. With its easy-to-use package management system you can install thousands of programs and make Tux Linux work for you and work the way you want it to. Tux Linux comes loaded with many software packages to cover a broad range of interests, from surfing the net, watching TV, backing up your DVDs or CDs, home networking, personal finance, home office, computer programming, education and learning, video editing, to complete PC virtualization. Tux Linux has you covered.

Tux Linux uses some of the best software offered by the Open Source community, with fine programs from Amarok, Libre Office, Firefox, and K3b to Parley, ZenMap, KDE4 and many more. Tux Linux delivers an intuitive and visually stylish user interface that is free of clutter.

Built on Linux, the operating system that powers much of the Internet, Tux Linux has the ability to redefine home and office networking. It doesn't matter whether you want to harden your system to protect your data and personal information from hackers or set up a server to share files and data with family, friends, and colleagues, Tux Linux can handle your needs.

With Tux Linux you will spend less time worrying about achieving your goals and be able to spend more time setting new goals. Fast, stable, easy, and secure will become words you can once again use in the same sentence while talking about your computer. Tux Linux puts you back in the driver's seat with enough horse power to tear through your task and enjoy more time doing what you want.