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What is Tux Linux you ask? Well Tux Linux is my idea of what a Linux distribution should be. Tux Linux is simple to use and easy to learn. Tux Linux is free to download by everyone. You can use Tux Linux to develop your own vision of what an operating system should be like.

Are there any charges for updates? No, updates are free just like the download and will always be that way as long as the system is being updated.

What are the advantages of using Tux Linux? No more windows virus, few malware, freedom of the GNU GPL, price, built on one of the most stable operating systems in the world, second to none in security, and I could go on for a long while but I think you are getting the idea.

What License is Tux Linux released under? Mainly the GNU GPL and various other free software licenses / plus proprietary binary blobs.

Can I download the source code? Yes, The source code can be found at launchpadand Ubuntufor download. They are also available through our local repositories

Do I have to give up my Windows or other operating systems to install Tux Linux? No Tux Linux can be install along side other operating systems or inside a virtual machine.

Can Tux Linux be used as a server? Yes, Tux Linux is based on Ubuntu server and can run a large number of servers such as FTP, Mail, Web, and so on.

Do I need to purchase an Anit-virus software for Tux Linux? No, Tux Linux has little need for anti-virus software as most virus are written for Windows and Mac. But if you still want to use an anti-virus you can install Clamav from the repositories for free. Clamav is updated often and is 100% free.

Can I install my Windows games in Tux Linux? You can either install them in a virtual machine or through wine. Our recommended method is to install Windows in a virtual machine to play you Windows games.

Do I need to purchase Firewall software? No, you can choose from multiply firewall solutions freely available from the repositories.

Can I give my friends or family a copy of Tux Linux? Yes, Tux Linux is 100% free and you are free to copy and distribute as many copies as you like.

Can I make my own version of Tux Linux? Yes, however you must maintain and comply with all Licenses and leave intact any and all copyright notices.

Does Tux Linux play MP3 files? Yes, and it plays many additional formats as well.

Can Tux Linux do video editing? Yes, Tux Linux comes with Avidemux.

Does Tux Linux have software for an office? Yes, Tux Linux comes preloaded with Libre Officethat can handle most needs of an office.

Can I create my own DVD's with Tux Linux? Yes, there are a number of choices to choose from in the repositories for making your own DVD's or backing up your current DVD's.

Can I convert videos or audio files with Tux Linux? Yes, there are many ways to convert files to other formats of your choice.