Doyle Harpole's - Tux Linux Distribution  

Welcome to the Tux Linux Archive Page.

Back around 2014, Inpito co-founder Doyle Harpole created a Linux Distribution that he called the Tux Linux Distribution.
It came with his own custom design and build derived from Linux Ubuntu. He created over a 100GB package repository for the
Operation System's update and maintenance.


The Inpito attempted for a time to provide the bandwidth for the 100GB package repository but found it difficult
dew to our lack of bandwidth. So with regret we unfortunetly had to abandon the ideal of hosting the Tux Linux Distribution
along with it's 100GB package repository.


However, thanks to the online resource the Inpito has been able to archive Doyle Harpole's
32bit, and 64bit Tux Linux Distribution dvd-iso images from April 13th, 2014. For anyone who would like to download
and play around with those Linux Distribution.


Here are both the 64bit and 32bit DVD-ISO images of Doyle Harpole's Tux Linux Distribution courtesy of's bandwidth.

Tux Linux 64bit 20140413
MD5: ec249a1fc45cb8d2ff73024b684ddba1
SHA256: ea15fc94084218c819fccbd5525bc71f1b1e5dff42b8817f868a1ef92de87bed

Tux Linux 32bit 20140413
MD5: 9449895c87068056d5eb5fc81fe9aa0c
SHA256: 0beb771975efbe44b5634db38c43e1757cfe524d214b914e49839dbe910e73a9

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